2020_06_05 World Environment Day

World Environment Day • 05 June 

The theme of this year's World Environment Day is biodiversity. 

Even a small step such as the creation of a wildflower meadow like the one we have at ECRI contributes to the preservation of biodiversity. 

There is much to discover in these meadows: Did you know that our ECRI bumble bees love purple flowers? 

Take a moment and have a closer look at our environment.


Earth School - 30 Quests for students around the world to celebrate, explore and connect with nature

Under the leadership of TED-ED and UNEP, a global team of environmental and education experts was asked to develop 30 learning units for the Earth School.

In short videos you can learn something about the Nature of ... Stuff, Society, Nature, Change, Individual Action and Collective Action or take an online lesson.

Link: https://ed.ted.com/earth-school

Flower Meadow

Due to the decline of flowering plants and wild herbs, many insects now lack food sources. In the past, there were often field and path margins on arable land that were home to bees, butterflies and other animal or plant species.

In order to preserve our native biodiversity, Landschaftspflegverband Rottal-Inn &  Kreisfachberatung für Gartenkultur und Landespflege have brought the project of insect-friendly flowering meadows to our campus.

On the meadow strip next to the SILC, native flower species have been blooming since this year and offer a colourful buffet to various insects.

The project is being implemented throughout the region and has already brought numerous meadows to bloom!

Video Link: bumble bees

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