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    Unfortunately the BikeStation is closed until further notice because of the lockdown. In case you need to repair your bike urgently, there is a free tool station for bikes near to the town hall in Pfarrkirchen


    Since 2019, the EcoLab BikeStation has been held once a month and for larger events at ECRI. 

    A bicycle can often be repaired quickly and easily with a few simple steps. Under the guidance of the EcoLab Team, students and university members can check their bikes and carry out small repairs themselves.

    Self-help workshop means: You have to repair by yourself, we offer a joint bicycle check, guidance & help, also free use of tools and oil. Spare parts should be brought by yourself.

    In this section you will also find information about road safety, requirements for a roadworthy bike and checklists to keep your bike running.


         While the BikeStation is closed

         you can use the new bike service station

         - Fahrradstützpunkt der Stadt Pfarrkirchen -

         near the Town Hall in Pfarrkirchen.

         There you will find some tools for small repairs.