ECRI has set itself the goal of becoming a bicycle-friendly university location. For the moment, you can find everything about cycling in the ECRI NEWS, but soon you will also find it on the new website on the topic of sustainability and sustainable mobility (contact). In the meanwhile, we will be happy to inform you on this page about current bicycle campaigns, implemented projects and planned activities.
If you are interested in this topic, please visit the page from time to time - the content will be updated regularly. 

Standard checklist

Checklist to keep your bike running:

Winter Checklist

Lock Your Bike

BikeStation • Bicycle-Self-Help Workshop

A bicycle can often be repaired quickly and easily with a few simple steps. In the BikeStation students and university members can check their bikes and carry out small repairs themselves. Self-help workshop means: You have to repair by yourself, we support you with tips, offer free use of tools and oil. Spare parts should be brought by yourself. 

The BikeStation is offered regularly during the semester. You can find the times on the screens at ECRI or on the website in the events section. You can also make an appointment by sending an email to 

In case you need to repair your bike urgently, there is a free tool station for bikes near to the town hall in Pfarrkirchen.

Anna Marquardt • 05/2022

Routes and experiences

You want to see more from the region you life and study now?
Why not explore the region by bike?

Panoramic bike tour: Gotik Tour Zentrum

The tour is around 33,4 km and you can start directly in Pfarrkirchen. The smallest of the gothic tours, which leads around Pfarrkirchen, naturally has a lot to offer. The Stadtpfarrkirche St. Simon and Judas Thaddäus in Pfarrkirchen and the old town hall in Pfarrkirchen, St. Benedikt in Postmünster and the Jakobskirche in Rottenstuben, which is beautifully embedded in the landscape, are worth mentioning.
And if you do not want drive the whole tour you can split it in two or three smaller tours.

distance: 33,4 km, time: 2:40 h (cycling), height difference:  300 hm, link to the map

Jennifer Huber • 11/2020

Pfarrkirchen and the whole area is well-known for its bicycle tours, and if those shared by us are not enough, be sure to check all the recommended bike tours LINK, and visit the tour portal LINK, where you will find all the bike tours around the district! 

Danube Cycle Path

The Danube flows almost 2,900 km through Europe from Donaueschingen to the delta at the Black Sea. The Danube Cycle Path (“Donauradweg”) runs along the entire route – but don't worry, even one or a few stages are worthwhile.
From Pfarrkirchen, for example, a tour from Passau in the direction of Vienna is a good idea; those who have more time and feel like it can also extend further to Budapest. Along the route, not only sportsmen and women and lovers of the Danube get their worth, but also culture fans, party animals and gourmets can stop off for as long as they like in Linz, Vienna, Bratislava or Budapest. The routes of the individual stages can, of course, be shortened or lengthened as desired. Good options for planning a route for a bike trip are offered by different tour planning platforms. 

Linn Albert • 06/2022

THD Blog • Living in Germany

ECRI student Celso has also discovered cycling in Pfarrkirchen for himself

Road Safety

Follow also the links to learn more about road safety, requirements for a roadworthy bike and checklists to keep your bike running:
German Road Safety  • Compact Guide • Local Transport • On Foot • By Bike
Types of 2-Wheelers & Road Safety
Traffic Regulation Germany

Anna Marquardt • 05/2022

Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit • Cycle to work
  • 01 May to 31 August
  • if you manage to get on your bike just 20 times during this period, you can win sporty prizes
  • simply register your rides and take part in the lottery
  • you can participate as a team of up to 4 people, the sustainability lab has already formed a team and is busy collecting kilometres

Mit dem Rad zur Uni • Cycle to university
For all members of the ECRI family:

There is an additional prize provided by the Sustainability Officer of the DIT, Prof. Michael Laar. Send us a screenshot of your cycled kilometres from the MDRZU or MDRZA website to the email address by 9 October. The one with the most km will be awarded with a DIT training suit.

Now in summer there are also many regional campaigns, for example the Stadtradln in Deggendorf. Just have a look at the page of the city or region to see if there is also a campaign on offer.

Planned Activities
  • Bicycle market in cooperation with the student association RESP e.V.
  • Cycling courses for students
Contact: Prof. Dr. Michael Laar in his function as programme coordinator of the Master's programme "Healthy & Sustainable Buildings", head of the HSB laboratory and Sustainability Officer of the DIT, is the contact person for the topic of sustainability at the university and sustainable mobility.

Disclaimer: THD, ECRI, and ECRI NEWS take no responsibility for the content of the external links here provided.