Course Description

Students are given an outline on the structure and applications in the field of e-health. This includes, among other things, the challenges of interoperability in information management. The participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic of e-health, starting with technological developments and their challenges and ending in economic, process-related and legal aspects.

Upon successful completing the course, students will be able to name and differentiate factors for successful implementation of health telematics applications in the real world.


1 Theoretical basics

Terminological basis for all course participants

  • Theoretical basics
  • Technical basics
  • Basics of information management
  • Medical information systems

2 Basics of application and implementation

Medical benefits and process optimization through targeted use of health telematics solutions

  • Medical user consideration
  • Basics of financing and reimbursement structures in the health care system
  • Basics of data protection and law
  • Processes in healthcare

3 E-health in practice

  • Use case: e-health in Europe
  • Ethical considerations
  • Future challenges and perspectives
  • Application examples (telemonitoring, ambient assisted living, teleradiology, telediagnostic, teleeducation, teleemergency medicine, telecare)

Type of examination: Research Paper

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